Finska landskapsarkitektstudenter inbjuder till:


Vista, the Finnish student association for landscape architecture, wishes to welcome our fellow Nordic students to Helsinki 23.4.-25.4.2010. During a relaxed weekend in April Nordic students will meet up to make new friends and learn about landscape architecture in other Nordic countries.


Students from the Nordic schools for landscape architecture have a tradition to arrange meetings to exchange experiences and to get to know students from other Nordic countries. These meetings, called MÖTE, have previously been arranged regularly, but unfortunately it has now been many years since the Nordic students last met.
This year Vista as well as our study program at Aalto University School of Science and Technology, celebrates their 20th anniversary. Therefore we would like to invite you to Helsinki to revive the tradition of arranging meetings for Nordic landscape architecture students.
The meeting will take place on a prolonged weekend in the end of April, 23.-25.4.2010. The program will be relaxed, with emphasis on getting to know each other and the city of Helsinki.

Arrangements & price:

Vista will offer you the program and some meals. The accommodation depends on the number of participants; you will either be accommodated in an affordable hostel or in the homes of Finnish students. You will need to pay for your travelling costs, meals and accommodation in case you stay in a hostel. The cost for one night is approximately 20 euro. You can arrive either on Thursday evening or Friday morning.


(We are still working on the program, so there might still be some changes)

Thursday evening the 22nd /Friday morning 23rd: Arrival
Friday the 23rd:  Visiting the department of landscapearchitecture and Otaniemi campus,
Visiting sights in Espoo - i.e. Tapiola garden City, Dinner and after party
Saturday the 24th: Visiting sights in Helsinki i.e.(Töölönlahti park (under construction),
Kumpula botanical garden, Eläintarha Skatepark, Temppeliaukio Church), Picnic at Suomenlinna Sea fortress

Sunday the 25th: Brunch, Return back home

Register on Registration is open until 31.4.2010
Hoping to see you here in Helsinki in April!


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